Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~BEAST, wants to break the “’3 second singer’ notion”~

BEAST has revealed their intention to break away from the image of ’3 Second Singers’

BEAST had recently released their first full length album ‘Fiction and Fact,’ and are promoting with their title song ‘Fiction’ and the ballad ‘On Rainy Days.’ ‘Fiction’ is a song about the sad feelings of a man who can’t accept that the fact that he and his girlfriend had separated. By emphasizing the vocals and the melody line, it offers a different kind of charm compared to previous hit tracks such as ‘Breath’ and ‘Shock.’ Especially the way they move freely between falsetto and their natural voices, the members have been receiving praise such as ‘As expected of BEAST,’ ‘True talent,’ ‘They seem to have gotten better at singing.’
Member Yang Yoseob has revealed he “wants to break the ’3 second singer’ notion.” ’3 second singer’ refers to the idols that get only 3 seconds worth of singing time on stage while the main vocalist focuses on his own parts.
He said “It can’t be helped that in groups, there’s an emphasis on one member. So that the 3 second singer term is created. This time, our full length album may be like that as well but all the members wanted to show their live vocal talents.” He added, “We really worked hard and improved a lot. Especially Dongwoon, he got so noticeably better. In order to show our developments, we tried to divide the parts as evenly as possible. You’ll be able to ear other member’s voices this time.”
‘Fiction’ is a song that has the highest pitch in boy group songs. Wouldn’t it be impossible to do live? Yang Yoseob says “Our schedules preparing for the comeback were really busy. Usually in a day we would record two songs, but when we had to redo recordings or record intro songs we would do a total of three songs in one day. Those parts were only difficult; I think it fit me better than ‘Shock’ or ‘Breath.’ It was easier to sing this time than before.” But when asked ‘Isn’t it because you got better at singing?’ he showed his humble image by responding “That’s definitely not the case. I still am far from good.”
With ‘Fiction’ and ‘On Rainy Days,’ BEAST had won first on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ and KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’ and are achieving a lot of popularity.

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