Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~why we B2UTIES likes BEAST so much?~

open fb..n bkak page 4 my lovely hubby beast..
then d sowg B2UTY ny ckp yg mmbe dy tny np dy ckew sgt BEAST??
n dy mnx tlong kiteowg tlong dy..n dowg pown bg lar jwapan..
so sweet pown wse an sbb yg sme.. ^_^

yg tkang tny : 
my friends who do not like B2ST, they asked why I liked B2ST
B2utis can help give them a reason?

anwers from B2UTY.. :)
B2ST is AMAZING!! their dance moves, their voices. They are all so CUTE ^^ who wouldn't love them? I love them sooo much. They are all so sweet and nice and kind and thoughtful. I love B2ST ♥♥♥
 Tell them as KPop is more popular than Apop(American POP) and that...Kpop songs is more nice and meaningful like B2st songs...
there is actually alot more reson to tell ur fren...i have come through my friend that is a guy...and he is a nerd...and he said that B2ST suck...he made me blown out but i just said...How about you??Do you suck like b2st....But try ur best in answering them okie B2uty??
tell them BEAST are HOT + CUTE + HANDSOME..
if them still don't like BEAST..don't be too upset because BEAST is just for B2UTIES.. =)
just play Beast's songs:) and show them how talented Beast is :)
..B2ST is AWESOOOM..they have the voice,the moves.It's easy to love them.Plus they are Humble,Sweet,Nice, adjectives can describe BEAST AWESOOOMNESS! ..I'm sure your friends will realize that someday... 
they are amazing, hot nice understanding,the b2st, eventhough they say they are b2st their heart is so soft and i dont care what other thinks or say i love them with all my heart!!!
saranghae saranghae sarang
 hae saranghae saranghae! 
there's no reason. I just fall in love with them at first sight! there's no reason for anyone to love anyone just say that BEAST is the B2ST, and show 'em BEAST's songs, MVs, members, and live performances. Cuz BEAST is not boyband who jus...t sell their 'beauty' to being famous. their live singing performance is incredible, unlike most other boybands who's kinda bad (live vocal)
BEAST got class, they got true talent. truly the BEST ♥
 why i LOVES BEAST/B2ST???
bcos they were so amazing....
life without them is like life without air...  
 they were so DAEBAK for words
it takes the whole year just 2 say how much i love them... 
they were so adorable....


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