Sunday, September 25, 2011

B2ST bag...

okay i broke my promise..
i said that i'm gonna post this story yesterday..
but...i'm too lazy...

actually..i'm in my  lazy mood today..
n tired..
n sleepy....
but i want to share this happy story with you guys..

B2ST bag..
i'm so so so so excited........

isn't it BEAUTIFUL??
i feel like i'm gonna cry when i hold it...
i'm so happy......happy.........happy.......

Thursday, September 15, 2011

~a girl named A.I.N~

pade15 taon yg lps..
d sowg dak nme dy atiqah diyana..
tyme 2 dy bwu jewk sethun..
n still tdo ngan mk dy..
then 1 ary dy ne g ospital bb mk dy saket..
dy pown x phm..
kte owg dy nk dpt adek..
dy pown blurrrrrrrr...

then dy pown dpt dga bnyi baby nnges...
then sume owg mke epy jewk..
ckp thniah....
ckp kt atiqah 2 dy da dpt adek..
gurls agy..ley men skali..

(flashback tpu jewk)

first tyme tgk dak 2..
urm nta x tao wse p..
x engt agk2 nye jeles ot..
bb pasny x dpt tdo ngan ibu da..
d dak bwu.. ^^

ny lar dak 2..
kecik2 cyute sgt..
kcik2 an dy montel.. ^^
pipi dy ley tarik.. ^^
tp mkn besa mkn kcik lak dak ny..

nme dy..
umo dy da 15 taon..
dy adek sye..
selain jdik adeq sye..kje part time dy is as my BESTIE..
BESTIE yg plg dpercayai n tao sume sal kkq dy ny..
peh..btol ckp x d rhsie ley smpn dri dy..
mlot ny laju jewk nk cte kt dy..
ary2 dy jewk story kiteowg cte..
sng cte kalo nk tao secret atiqah diyana..
sume ade kt ain syafiqah..
kiteowg mmg RAPAT sgt..
ye lar da kiteowg jewk due beradik..n due2 gurlz..
since kcik tdo ngan ain jewk..
pgi2  bgon jewk nmpk ain..
nk tdo pown tgk ain gak..
tp x pna muak pown..
bb ain an comey.. ^^

jap np lar c mnh ny sbuk2 lak nk cte sal adq dy??
coz ary 2 bufday ain n nak lar wt post sal dy..
tp da trlambat lak..
bufday ain 10 bwu nk wt post..
maaf ain.. ^^

생일 축하합니다

생일 축하합니다

생일 축하 AIN ah

생일 축하합니다

my little sis da 15 lar..
still wse ain cm kcik jewk..
hope ain will
*get 8A's in PMR
*pnjg umo
*murah rezeki
*sihat selalu
*dpt msok TEKNIK..
*berjaya lam idop
*dpt jpe HONEY ain
*dpt g KOREA(skali ngan akq)
*n sume impian ain tercapai

thanks bb sllu d kt smping akq ble akq sedih o epy..
thanks tok sume yg ain da wt tok akq..
thanks bb ain sllu dga cte2 bdo akq..
thanks bb ain sllu wt akq epy n gelak cmpy pecah perut..
thanks bb ain sllu mwa akq kalo akq wt sal..
thanks bb bg semangat kt akq..
thanks bb x pna jemu dga cte akq sal KPOP
thanks bb tolong akq edit an blog ny.. ^^
thanks bb da jdik adq akq..n my bestie..
thanks bb ain da lahir kt dunie ny

i'm so proud to be ur sister..
proud to tell everyone that this cute girl is my sis..
do ur best in ur pmr..
i will always support u no matter what happen k..

nty kalo btol ain dpt msok asrama jgn lpe akq aw..
jgn lupe kol uma sllu..
msty akq wndu ain gle2 nty..

x d da owg nk tdo sblh akq..
x d owg nk soh akq teman dy g toilet..
x d owg nk soh akq amek n dy ny lar 2 lar..
x d owg da nk join akq kne an oyoi..
x d owg da nk nsihat akq..
x d owg da nk tny akq dy pky ny ok x..
x d owg da nk sepah an bilik ngan akq..
x d owg da nk ...aish..
senang cte kalo ain x d nty akq SUNYI GLE2...

tp akq tao ain akn epy dok sne..
take aw..
syg ain sgt.. <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

~saengil chuka my 4D prince~

생일 축하합니다

생일 축하합니다

생일 축하 오빠

생일 축하합니다

3 SEPT 1989,
A very cute child has been born on this day..

A son that was so cute and adorable..

And has grown up to be a very handsome yet pretty guy..

His birth name is JANG HYUNSEUNG..
he’s BEAST charge of lead singer and main dancer..
but he has to share it with one of his other member..
but 4 me..his the best dancer ever..
he has this very unique voice..
that can melt ur heart every time you listen to it..
i never get bored to his voice..

n one more thing I he’s the funniest person I ever seen..
he’s 4D question make me laugh till the were no tomorrow..
i laugh really hard..when he ask the other member such a silly question..
he’s just like me..we are 4D sibling.. ..

he also a clean person..he take that from my hubby..ji yong..^^..
he is a fashionista..he likes to mix and match clothes..

the thing that I admire at him is his spirit n determination..
he never give up to achieve his dream..he work very hard..
to make his dream come true..

he believe that being a rejected member is not all negative.
In fact, it’s good because it helps to make the public knows more about them..
i cry when I know the story that he was kick out off big bang..
but if he was on big bang..beast won’t complete..he was so perfect in it..

i also cry when I read what haters said to him..they were so cruel..
how can they say bad things to him..
they don’t know him like we B2UTY know him..
how can a boy that was so kind have haters..??i just can’t get it..
they should put themselves in his that they will know..
how amazing he was..

my prince you are the most pretty man I ever seen..
although u don’t like to be call that..
but I can’t just help myself to call you that..
u were so amazing..the best dancer I ever seen…
you just too good 4 words..
i wish that you will be more successful n beast will grow bigger n bigger..
my prince hwaiting..i’ll always love you..saranghae


thanks bb da lhr kt dunie ny..
tqa btol2 syg at seungie..
seungie cute sgt2...
i love you so much..
tqa x kn tnggl an seugie..
u my hubby...
my third hubby..
u r so important..
tros an wt yg trbek aw..
tqa akn tros sokong seungie k...